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Prime Choice Care


PCUC Membership

Urgent Care : Let’s face it – healthcare is confusing for patients without insurance or on a high deductible plan. How much will it cost? Where should I go? How can I cover all of my healthcare needs? PCUC has developed a solution to these frequently asked questions:

We call it Prime Choice Care – a simple, cost effective, and complete membership plan that eliminates the guess work and includes your immediate family’s healthcare needs for only $ 80 a month. Please call the office for more details.

Each PCUC membership includes:

  • Unlimited discounted urgent care visits at any of PCUC top-rated Health savings plan, starting at just $99
  • Full access to a complete suite of discounted non-urgent care related health benefits such as dental, vision, pharmacy, and hospital care
  • Affordable care for you and your family
  • No patient should have to compromise on their health because of cost.


Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care
12828 Eldorado Parkway, 170
Frisco, TX 75035
Phone: 214-550-0911
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