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What Can I Expect From My First Women’s Health Appointment?

What Can I Expect From My First Women’s Health Appointment?

You may have heard them called gynecological exams, pelvic exams, annual exams, or well-woman appointments. Whatever you call them, if you’ve never had one, we know you have tons of questions. 

And our team at Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care in Frisco, Texas, is here to answer them all. In this blog, we address the most common concerns our patients have before they arrive for their first women’s health visit. 

What is a women’s health appointment?

Simply put, a women’s health appointment is all about you, your body, and your reproductive health. What happens during your visit depends on your age as well as your sexual and medical history. 

We recommend that you have your first visit with us around the time you turn 13. At that point, it’s typically a simple conversation with your provider and a basic physical exam. You may discuss your period with us, especially if you have concerns. If you’re sexually active, we usually discuss your birth control options and STD tests. 

Above all, we use these appointments to establish a relationship with you and talk about other areas of your health and wellness, including your relationships and emotional health. 

What kind of questions can I expect?

The first round of questions is fairly basic and revolves mainly around your medical history and your family’s medical history. Then, we turn our attention toward your reproductive health and ask questions about your menstrual cycle, sex life, etc. 

We may also ask about your alcohol or drug use, allergies, illnesses, infections, smoking, and surgical history. It’s important that you are completely honest when answering these questions, so if you’re not comfortable with your provider, let us know, and we can help you find someone on our team who fits you best. 

Remember that this is also a time for you to ask questions. Many of our patients bring up the following during their appointment:

Nothing is off-limits, so make the most of your time with us and come with as many questions and concerns as possible. 

Will I have any tests done?

If you bring up a concern, such as abnormal bleeding, vaginal discomfort, or any kind of pain, we may want to run some tests to better understand what’s happening. There are some specific cancer-related tests we order during your well-woman visits depending on your age, medical history, and when you last had your test. Here’s a closer look at the recommended schedule:

As you get older, you may have additional tests and exams based on your needs. 

Do you need more information about how to prepare for your appointment? Give our friendly staff a call at 214-550-0911 to get your questions answered. If you’re ready to schedule your visit with us, you can do so by calling or using our online booking tool.

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