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Blog Articles

5 Important Benefits of the Seasonal Flu Shot

Fall season? More like flu season. If you’re still on the fence about getting your flu shot, we hope these benefits will change your mind. Keep reading to learn about all the things the flu shot can do for you.

Aug 1st, 2022
Sprain vs. Fracture: How are they Different?

Sprains and fractures can have many of the same symptoms, but these injuries are very different. Read on to learn the differences between these two inquiries and how we treat them.

Jul 1st, 2022
What Causes Migraines and How We Offer Relief

Migraines are more than really bad headaches. They’re a unique class of headaches with their own causes and symptoms. Read on to learn what can trigger migraine attacks and how they can be treated.

Jun 1st, 2022
7 Tips for Controlling Acid Reflux Symptoms

Whether you’ve just started experiencing acid reflux or you’ve been struggling with it for years, it’s time to get a handle on it. Here are seven tips and tricks you can use to help manage acid reflux.

May 20th, 2022
Which Type of Pink Eye Does My Child Have?

Does your child have pink eye? While most children with pink eye experience red and inflamed eyes, treatment depends on the type of pink eye that is affecting your child. Find out about different types of pink eye and how treatment varies.

Apr 7th, 2022