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When Does Stomach Pain Warrant a Trip to Urgent Care?

When Does Stomach Pain Warrant a Trip to Urgent Care?

Everyone experiences some stomach discomfort from time to time, but if you’re having stomach pain that’s not getting better, you might need to seek urgent care.

At Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care, we offer diagnostic care and treatment services for stomach pain on a walk-in basis and by appointment.

Our team of experienced physicians can use the on-site testing technologies to quickly and accurately uncover the root cause of your pain. We also customize treatment plans to help you feel better fast.

Causes of stomach pain

Your stomach is part of your digestive tract, which also includes your mouth, esophagus, intestines, and liver. This organ is responsible for making enzymes that break down the food you eat and empties out into your small intestine.

If you eat too much food or the foods you eat irritate your stomach, you may develop pain from gas or experience discomfort from bloating. These issues typically resolve on their own or you can treat them with over-the-counter medications.

Common causes of stomach pain can include:

Excessive stress can also cause stomach pain and other digestive issues. Women may experience stomach cramping and pain with their monthly period.

Outside of these issues, pain in your stomach or abdomen can be a warning sign that something more serious is wrong. For instance, a sharp or persistent pain in one specific area can be a symptom of a heart attack, organ rupture, or other serious medical condition.

Persistent stomach pain can also result from kidney stones, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

When to seek treatment for stomach pain

Our team at Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care recommends you seek a diagnostic evaluation for stomach pain that lasts more than a week or gets worse even with rest and home care.

Other signs your stomach pain might need medical attention include:

You also need to visit urgent care if you have stomach pain that comes on suddenly or is severe enough to affect your quality of life.

What to expect during your evaluation for stomach pain

To better understand what may be causing your stomach pain, we spend time reviewing your personal and family medical history. Our physicians will also discuss your recent diet, your activities, and the type of pain you’re experiencing.

In addition to a physical exam, we may perform diagnostic blood work, an ultrasound, or other imaging tests of your stomach. These tests can identify inflammation, infection, and other issues that may be contributing to your stomach pain.

Once our team confirms your diagnosis, we customize a treatment plan to relieve your pain and protect the health of your stomach. Treatment may involve over-the-counter or prescription medications like antacids to neutralize stomach acids, laxatives to treat constipation, or antibiotics to clear an infection.

If your pain relates to more serious issues like irritable bowel syndrome or kidney stones, we can design a long-term treatment plan to manage your condition. We can also refer you to a specialist for additional care.

If your stomach pain isn’t getting better with rest, schedule a diagnostic evaluation online or by calling Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care today. You can also visit the clinic as a walk-in.

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